The Unbound are vampires that are not aligned with the Covenants. In nights past, some politically independent vampires were occasionally known as "anarchs" or "autarkis," a reference to their disregard for ironclad laws and orders among the Kindred.

Unbound vampires refuse to be part of the neo-feudal societies of the Damned and only rarely participate in the Danse Macabre directly. Most unaligned are young vampires who chafe at the restrictions placed upon them by the elders. The guiding philosophical principle behind the unbound mindset is the fundamental conceit that every vampire – like every man – is free. Regardless of clan or age, no Kindred should be forced to bow like some lowly peasant before a lord. Not surprisingly, the unbound find the notion of vampiric titles and duties contemptible. They recognize no "Prince" to whom they should show self-effacing obeisance, and they regard the entire notion of formalized social debts as wholly unnecessary.

Each of the Kindred is, practically by definition, an individual, removed from the brotherhood of mankind and thrust into solitude for all eternity. The Unbound therefore tend to feel that vampire-kind needs no phony system of forced indenture to make sure that each Kindred keeps his word and honors his promises. As alone as they are, vampires realize that all they truly have is their word – without the aid of unnatural and artificial hierarchy – and they act accordingly. Those who don't are weeded out naturally, and not by the arbitrary will of an elder.


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