The Traditions are universal laws that are passed down as liquid truth by way of the curse of undeath, and are hardwired into the very physiology of the Kindred. These are what binds the vampire society together beyond Covenant and Clan. Upon the Embrace, each Kindred knows each of these laws intuitively. Despite their differences (and they had many), most of the Kindred were in agreement about what was and was not a good idea for their kind, especially when their own bodies told them it was so. They might disagree on theory or implementation, or even on basic precepts, but few argued with the wisdom of such incontrovertible laws.

Beyond the Traditions are the less official, more fallible customs that arise within Kindred society over time. After weathering centuries upon centuries of at least nominal adherence, a few of these customs have become unofficial traditions of their own. Some of these latter-day laws are provincial in outlook or unique to a particular clan or region, while others are observed only within a particular covenant of Kindred. Three of them in particular are considered nearly as important as the Traditions themselves, but without the fundamental connection. They merely serve to further gird and bolster society as the Kindred know it. Each of the Traditions gave rise to one such custom, and each is discussed after the relevant law.

The First Tradition (Masquerade)

The Second Tradition (Progeny)

The Third Tradition (Amaranth)


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