The opposite of the Barrens, the Rack is that portion (or those portions) of a domain most suitable for hunting. It includes bars, nightclubs, high-crime neighborhoods, crack houses, brothels, homeless shelters — basically, any place where the kine are distracted or discomposed, where strange behavior can be hidden or passed off, and where mortals go missing on a frequent basis. Hunting the Rack is nearly effortless, and any “accidents” are easily disposed of.

In those domains where the Prince parcels out feeding grounds, elders are in constant competition for the right to the Rack. Most Princes refuse to grant anyone exclusive rights to the Rack, preferring to make it available to the entire city. Others keep such feeding rights for themselves, demanding favors from any who would hunt there. Still others choose to offer portions of the Rack as territory to favored allies, granting them substantial power among lesser Kindred.

Because the Rack attracts so many Kindred, and because vampires are at their least alert when feeding, many potential Masquerade breaches occur there. The very nature of the region
often covers such violations naturally — people expect odd behavior from meth-heads, for instance — but wise Princes and Sheriffs have eyes and ears in the Rack at all times. These agents watch for any breaches to stop them before they occur, or move swiftly to cover them up.


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